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Lion Cub Academy is a ministry of the Legacy Church of God. We are honored to provide affordable care and an educational experiences for each of your children. 

All of our classrooms are large spaces and our parents may stop by and view the learning experience of their child unannounced. Each classroom has closed circuit security cameras, which have proven to be invaluable for ensuring that our staff is adhering to our policies and procedures. We are a Texas School Ready Certified Center for Toddler and Infants and Pre K! It is our goal that by the time your child graduates from our program, they are ready for kindergarten. 


INFANTS: Each infant has their own crib. We change the linens every day. Feeding plan is set by parents and pediatricians. Your child will have plenty of tummy-time, story-time, and we have plenty of toys and furniture to keep your baby entertained.


TODDLERS AND TWOS: Preparatory curriculum every day. Circle time, flashcards, books, songs are used to teach shapes, colors, numbers, and alphabet. Sensory play includes water, sand, shaving cream, Play-Dough, etc. Arts and crafts- learn to use safety-scissors, glue, paper, crayons, and paint. At this age, we start potty-training with your assistance at home. 

THREES AND FOURS: Daily preschool curriculum - your child will be learning name, address, phone number, seasons, the calendar, and days of the week. We use flash-cards and memory cards, they take part in story and music time, and dress-play. Weather-permitting, they have 2 half-hour sessions of outside playground time.  Each child has their own cubby. Daily activities will also include arts and crafts (painting, cutting, gluing), sensory play (water, sand, shaving cream, Play-Dough, etc.) and dramatic play. Your child will thrive in this fun learning environment!

SCHOOL-AGERS: Your child chooses from the following areas. homework time, reading area, Lego area, science area, video games, board games, dramatic play area, arts/crafts area, and outside activities. There is something for everyone and our kids enjoy the variety of activities.

Call ahead and schedule a tour! We will be glad to show you around.

Give us a call:


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